Planning and Recruitment

Modules that enable direct subject contact with research opportunities through to live scheduling and planning of appointments. Our system has been built to manage high throughput and large volume trials as well as complex early phase clinical trials with low subject numbers and high numbers of visits.

Direct Patient

Live Recruitment

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Custom integration
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Our E-Planner module supports rapid appointment scheduling for multiple trials with multiple visits. With built-in volunteer contact functionality, our platform has been shown to significantly improve volunteer recruitment and volunteer compliance. To add greater efficiency, our scheduling system can be configured to the specific visit requirements of your study.

Virtual clinics

Telemedicine continues to have a growing role in the clinical care of patients, amplified in the current pandemic. Similarly it is crucial for clinical trials to continue uninterrupted whenever possible.

Our virtual clinic option enables research staff to communicate, assess and monitor patients during the period of their participation. This is a customisable feature within AQ software to manage visits virtually and reduce risk and inconvenience for participants


Our E-Recruitment module has been designed to build well characterised healthy volunteer and patient databases. This allows users to perform rapid and robust feasibilities based on eligibility criteria. The in-built campaign tool enables direct subject contact with research opportunities. E-recruitment works alongside E-Planner, capturing live visit metrics on a per study and per volunteer level.

Easy to build patient health records for both conditions and medications

GDPR compliant